Bad credit loans. Check before you apply

Bad credit loans. Check before you apply

Bad credit loans considered. Borrow ВЈ100 – ВЈ1,000, subject to affordability

Representative 535%​ APR.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.

If you have a poor credit history but want to borrow money, then you may be searching for a bad credit loan. Although there is no such product as a ‘bad credit loan’, it is a common term for a personal loan for those with less than perfect credit.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for loans for bad credit, then we offer flexible, short-term loans with repayment options of 3 to 12 months.

We do not charge fees for missed or late payments, and there are no application fees. You only pay what you agree upfront.

Our application process can be completed online, subject to affordability checks. You can also check your eligibility before you apply without harming your credit score.

No hidden fees

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Our customers rate us 4.68 out of 5., July 2019

Satsumas loan calculator

If you are considering borrowing money and you have bad credit, it’s important to understand exactly how much it will cost. With the Satsuma loan calculator , you can get an idea of what your repayments will be, putting you in control of finding an option that’s most affordable for you.

With Satsuma, customers can check to see if they’re eligible for a loan without affecting their credit rating. If you then decide to complete a full application this is when we conduct a full credit check.

It is worth noting, that a record of your loan applications will be present on your credit file if you apply for a Satsuma Loan. This will be visible to all lenders to help them decide whether to accept your application. In some instances, it may dissuade them from lending you money, if your record shows you have struggled to borrow money from different companies.

But by checking before you apply, you can find that out beforehand. If you are looking for loans for poor credit ratings and want to see whether you would qualify for one of our short-term loans, then we can tell you if you would be eligible within 60 seconds. Checking does not have an impact on your credit score.

Unless you go on to apply for the loan afterwards, then checking will not affect your credit score.

We check your info

It’s not a full application so we only need a few details

Protect your credit score

No matter the result, it wont affect your credit score unless you choose to apply

Give you your results

You’ll find out in 60 seconds. We’ll need to check your details if you chose to apply*

What are bad credit loans?

Here are some of the things you need to know about when searching for loans for bad credit and what Satsuma offers.

As mentioned earlier, when people talk about bad credit loans or poor credit loans, they usually mean they want a loan that is available to them even if they may have struggled to manage debts or had CCJ’s in the past. However, it’s important to be clear that there is no actual product known as a ‘bad credit loan’. It’s a commonly used term, but there is no specific type of loan with that name.

You may discover that there are some lenders who are more willing to provide loans to customers if they have a less than perfect credit record.

These lenders will still look at your credit history, but their rates of interest are likely to be higher than traditional high street lenders. This is also true of Satsuma loans.

With Satsuma, a bad credit history won’t necessarily mean we won’t lend to you, we do consider applications from those with an adverse credit history. If you are looking for a poor credit loan, then a short-term loan from Satsuma may be an alternative, subject to affordability.